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Kids have rode it 3 days so far , stalls occasionally but starts right up. Fingers crossed, they love it!

Fun Ride

Ride is fun. Needed help when I was putting it together, and the service dept. never contacted me back. I’m glad I’m mechanically inclined. Other than that, I love it


It would be nice to have a set of assembly instructions along with the bike. Especially how to get at battery. I do not know how to get the seat off of the bike. I assume the battery’s is underneath the seat

As good as many , Better than some!

250cc Hawk. I like it so far. Its as good a quality as many of the Japanese Motorbikes i used to work on. I'm still tweaking ,so this review is limited. Road speed to rpm isn't satisfactory for breaking-in purposes. if you are using it as a commuter, top speed , at a SAFE rpm for break-in is less than 50mph. I'm opting for 17f/43r sprockets so I get a faster road speed without high RPM. Off-road breaking in wouldn't be a problem. Its Carb needed to be re-jetted and tuned IMMEDIATELY. It wasn't breathing right and would stall easily at idle, out of the box. Fun factor 9/10. Plastics are nice and the bike looks better in person. It actually looks like a more expensive motorcycle. A good purchase , so far. Parts are available on amazon. Less than 50 spent on Jet and sprockets , so far.
Thanks Motobuys ! I'm a very happy Customer.

Awesome dirt bike!

Y'all this bike is awesome. It is a large framed machine for experienced riders and has plenty of power. It's quality is on par with my Japanese bikes but for a quarter of the price. Fairings and frame are KTM sxf so parts are interchangeable and the engine is the biggest NC 300cc on the market. You can get parts for it by contacting the seller. The tires are nice for offroading, just as good as my kendas. You can get a extra warranty too. It's a better version of the kayo and egl bikes. Shipping was fast and affirm made it possible for me. I will be using this for light to mid jumps and heavy trail riding. This thing will have me climbing a mountain before long. Thank you! YouTube video placeholder
Better than expected

I was sceptical after ordering the 200cc ATV, RPS from Motobuys. After reading reviews. The ATV arrived in two weeks in perfect condition, after assembly it started right up. More power than expected good quality. Some welds are kind of iffy but everything works. Just plan on tweeking here and there when you get one and change the oil out before starting.

Stuck in mud alot. 200 xrx

Getting stuck in mud so I modified it to have a winch attached to front. Might want to design a winch attachment separately if customers want the winch option.

Trailmaster T125U Rancher style, ATV 125cc 8" rims 19 inch Tires . Automatoc with reverse

Starting is a pain

You have to have the brake pulled all the way back in order for it to start, and the red button on the quick start has to be pushed in as well (over and over) in order for it to start at all. We thought it was a spark problem but apparently it was the e stupid red button. The battery doesn’t hold a charge either. Other than that, it’s not a bad Atv for the price. If you have the time to get rid of the little red push start with the red button, I suggest doing so, it causes more problems than not.


Sweet ride for my 7 year old. She can drive it perfectly by herself and there’s enough leg room for an adult to ride too. The adjustable seats for a taller adult is perfect! Reason I gave 4/5 stars, is because it does vibrate A LOT when going faster than 10-15 mph and the vibrations cause a loud humming noise. Also, the instructions for the remaining assembly were not helpful at all. It shipped incredibly fast too. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome!

have not gotten to ride yet

I was under the impression it would say Heritage on it, that was one of the main attractions to me, that disappointed me, but I still like the scooter so far, did not get to ride much do to late getting title to register.


Really enjoy the quad! Arrived as described, wasn’t hard to assemble and lots of fun! It’s able to move me around fairly easily and I’m over 300lbs. Probably going to be buying another one in the near future.

Trailmaster TM29 Dirt Bike Electric Start, Extended Frame, 17 inch front tire, 33.5 seat height manual trans, OFF ROAD ONLY, NOT STREET LEGAL

HAWK 6 110cc ATV

Super fast shipping, very nice machine!

Kymoto Magician 250 Enduro Dualsport [NOT CA LEGAL, Off Raod Only in TX)

Trail master is just great

My grand Son is very happy same as my self

Nice bike

Higher quality than expected. Perfect learner bike. I put it together and gassed it up. Fired right up. The Handlebar clamps were not in the crate so it has yet to be ridden but Motobuys ordered replacements when I called. As soon as they arrive we will give the bike a go. Overall I’m happy with the purchase so far.

Great dirt bike

I use to ride a Honda 450 bought this to just ride trails and some track time had a blast on it and handles jumps well plenty of power for what it Is, I was actually surprised. Only thing I’ve done so far was get some bars to help with control and comfort.

Great value

Received the bike last week. Shipping company is the best. Bike had zero damage, communicated the delivery time and was on time. Will purchase again.

First time customer, Purchased a TM15 Dirt Bike

I'm happy with my TM15 Dirt Bike purchase. I live in central Ohio and it was shipped to me quicker than expected. Shipping box was a little beat up but no damage to the dirt bike. Simple to put together and had it running on the first try. The only issue I had was a missing nut for the front axle which was probably only finger tight and fell off during shipping. My next purchase will be a four wheeler or maybe two, if I can get a sweet deal with a good promo code.


Grandson is having a great time with it. I am pleased as well. Thanks for your great service.

Best Minibike

I’ve ridden a lot of Minibikes this is the best minibike on the market hands-down. I totally recommend this bike. The suspension makes all the difference along with the brakes I totally recommend this bike