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Good first vehicle for 10 year old

Inexpensive so knew it would be slow Needed first vehicle so 6’3” dad could sit next to son Bracket holding light bar broke and muffler came loose, so quality is so so I needed help in assembly since I am not mechanically inclined I would buy again due to value

Trailmaster TM31 PRO 250, W/ Head Light. 5 speed manual, 34 inch seat height, Electric Start , Inverted forks, Adjustable Shocks

Good product

Good quality product for the price. Mine had some damage from shipping and it’s being taken care of. Overall it’s a good bike and I’m happy how turn out.

Go Cart purchase

Received the go cart for our two small grandsons. Crated very well and easy to put together. The grandson's absolutely love it!!!

Teresa Knowles

Fun after some repairs and modifications

This is my first kart to buy and put together. It took about 4.5 hours from start of assembly to first ignition and running so setup is fairly simple even w/o instructions. No oil for the engine or gear box was provided as it came pre-filled (even though a tag said oil is required). Only had one stripped on the right rear fender that had to be tapped. The Cheetah 8 will do 25mph w/o any modifications which I was ok with....but this one had a belt that prevented the gear box from switching to forward after going reverse. Took a bit to figure out as it's my first CVT, but once I replaced with the provided spare belt and slight idle adjustment, the gear box switched between forward and reverse w/o issue.

Now the negative: I had plans to eventually remove the internal governor, but when doing some minor adjustments for efficiency, I heard a rattle w/in the engine while running at idle. I decided to say screw the warranty and took the engine apart to find pieces of the internal governor had separated and was free w/in the engine. NOT COOL!

Now the positive: After removing the internal governor and confirming no physical damage due to loose parts in the engine...this kart will do 32mph.

Overall it's a fun kart and what I was looking for. If it wasn't for the loose parts inside the engine, I would have rated it 5 stars.


It came crated no damage it was missing a fuel line but that was easily taken care of. The rear swing arm now has bushings so no side to side play there. It fired right up and runs great. It has plenty of power and ride’s great!

ICE BEAR PBZ-125cc-Mini Bike (Trail 70 tribute Bike ) semi-automatic 4-speed transmission- [NOW CA Legal]

Condor 150

Awesome bike, awesome experience from start to now. Wasn't hard to slap together and get to riding.

Good little go cart

Got it quick, work well. Would recommend

RPS Hawk 250CC Dual Sports Enduro carbureted Enduro

Start them young

Fun little ATV simple to put together comes with their own battery charger key fob grand kids will have fun on this for several years worth every penny to see this smile on your grandkids face

RPS Hawk 250 carburetored

Purchased the bike and had it in 5 days. Arrived flawless. Add says not street legal in Pennsylvania. But this is not true. We are a CARB state but motorcycles are exempt. Had tags and title in no time. A little rejetting a bike runs flawless.

Its ok

Speedometer is off 4 to 5 miles and its hard to start, other than that runs good.

Best bike for the money

Got it early 2023. It's been a great bike. You just have to assemble it with hand tools, make sure that you go over all hardware on it. No instructions but anyone with knowledge of bikes can figure it out. I love the way this bike looks except for the mirrors, to close in and I can't see behind me because I am a big guy.

Great little machine

Got this for my 9 year old daughter. She is riding it every chance she gets. Assembly was pretty quick and straightforward. The instructions leave a lot to be desired if you don't have a natural mechanical inclination. Shipping was incredibly fast. I received it on the third business day after submitting the order. Great folks to work with and quick communication.

TrailMaster TM23 Dirt Bike 125cc Semi Automatic Seat Height 29.3 Inches 14" Front Tire

I love it

Its amazing I want buy ah 250cc rps if it possible

My Cheetah 8

My cheetah 8 arrived in great shape. A little more to the assembly than I thought there would be, so follow the instructions. All the parts were there, and take the time needed to check it out completely. Very well built and we are enjoying it very much.
Thank you Motobuys.

Ice bear champion

Great product for the price! Fun an inexpensive to modify and personalize. Getting a Colorado title was fast and easy.

Pretty good little ATV so far. It is pretty cold blooded though, definitely takes some cranking to get it to start and run. Once its warmed up it does pretty good.

Pretty Good, Smaller than the pictures lead you to believe, Turns too much to the right

So it's smaller than it looks. I was a little surprised when it arrived as it's much smaller than the pictures seem to show. My 2 kids barely fit in it together (7yo/5yo, 55lbs/45lbs, so they are not big), the second child's has to be careful to keep there feet on their side because there is not a lot of room for the petals.

The steering is weird. It doesn't turn left more than a few degrees and turns extremely right. Hopefully can be adjusted because it's pretty bad.

The "parking brake" isn't really usable as it is just a metal bar you have to manually move. but it's on the back of the petals, so you really cant reach it.

Also, the speed control is right on the dash in front of the passenger seat so its too easy for a second rider to fiddle with while being used. It needs a tamper cover. The Forward/Reverse says "On/Off". Seat belts are too large to adjust for smaller riders, but we were able to jigger them until it seemed okay.

Brakes are solid, motor/batteries seem to charge and perform well. Headlights are nice. Rollcage is nice. Goes together pretty easily. There were no assembly directions, so I had to wing it.

At the end of the day, I would give it 4 stars, because there are no other off the shelf options for an electric gokart. My kids love it. But it is not perfect and hopefully there are some improvements in future versions.