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Nice little dirt bike.

It was pretty easy to assemble. It started fine but would shut off after running for a few minutes. I checked all throttle and fuel lines and there were a few kinks that I ha md to fix in the lines. Also replaced the carburetor and fuel filter as the one it came with just sucked. You could hear the air being sucked in and there no way to really adjust the throttle on it either. But now it’s running like a pro and I haven’t had any issues since so far. I purchased a few months ago.

I absolutely love it

Tao Pony 49cc Scooter Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke

150 cc c9ndor

Real cool bike i did some upgrades sound good run awesome!!

Great buy

I was looking at a different brand of 50-125cc ATV but due to the horrible reviews I decided to try an RPS desert 125 from Motobuys. I ordered the unit pre assembled and it arrived very quickly within about 10 business days. The unit upon unboxing had damaged grips and handle bar pad which was handled very quickly by customer service. Started right up after fueling and pre check. Definitely would recommend for price, speed of delivery, and customer service.

pleasantly surprised

bike takes a little attention in the beginning, but just like any other relationship, you get what you give.

Vitacci Clash 200 EFI, Commuter Scooter, Automatic Trans, Oversized seat, Locking Trunk, Customs 14 Inch Rims

Trailmaster TM 33

What a great buy.. bike runs awesome. Plenty of shock travel.. 4 stroke has plenty of power.. Bike has great quality.. I bought another one. 28 1540

Maddogg 50cc bike

I am enjoying my new bike and love the color and love the way it rides also my kickstand fell apart and I need a new one if it is available please and thank u

I would have been better satisfied if the seat height was about 3 inches lower,but the bike is nice,happy so far.

Trail Master 29

Built well and runs great. The electric start works flawlessly. My daughter loves it. Great dirt bike and you can't beat the price

Great bike for the price

Processing time took longer then shipping, other then that it came in one piece. Couple of scratches but as expected. Bike is fun to ride but def needs a spring loaded chain tensioner out of the box as the chain is super tight on these and only gets tighter as the suspension compresses. 8/10 solid bike

Ice bear maddog

Great scooter looks exactly like the pics

Great bike, fast shipping and easy registration

I purchased an Ice Bear Leo from motobuys, it arrived quickly and the MCO (used for state registration) came shortly thereafter. The bike was very easy to register in my state and I was surprised with the quality of construction after having owned several original Honda Z50 bikes. Through no fault of motobuys, my bike was damaged during shipping but the team at motobuys got replacement parts out to me quickly and called regularly to update me on the status. 100% would buy again.

The tank decals were easy to remove and replica Honda decals are available on eBay. I also went with a larger carb as the stock unit is undersized.

Ice Bear

Great bike for my son, was hard to get started at first. Other then that it's awesome!

Great buy

Will definitely get another one

Lots of fun

Purchased for my 16yr old son and he loves it. I rode it a couple times and it seems safe and smooth ride. Has some get up and go too..looks great too.starts up everytime on first try. Even in cold weather. Thank you

2 Non functioning parts.

I have sent photos of part of the roll cage that cant be installed because of misaligned parts and the left seat belt on the passinger side will not clip together. It is the seat belt not the shoulder harness. Call if you have questions.

“Best Christmas gift ever” ~11 year old

We needed to upgrade my son’s 30 mph dirt bike with a bigger one; he out grew it. I was worried the Trailmaster TM21 was going to be too big/heavy for him, it’s the perfect size. My son is about 4’8” tall and weighs less than 100 lbs. He is able to control this dirt bike very well. He was new to the shifting but with the help of this mom (scared ****less) I was able to demonstrate the shift system. My son is a fast learner and now he looks like a pro. He has been riding up and down our street since Christmas. I’m very happy with this purchase and received the dirt bike assembled. We weren’t home when they delivered but through great communication with dispatch, the driver waited for my husband to get home. I’m very pleased with this company and I would definitely order again when the kid outgrows this dirt bike.


I received a new dirtbike for a Christmas present. Arrived 4 days after shipping and arrived in beautiful condition and very well packaged. Very easy to assemble, came with all hardware. Took the bike out today and we couldn't be happier. Would highly recommend

Great product, great service

Delivered quickly and as advertised. Customer service was responsive. Great experience. Dirt bike operates really well. Thanks Motobuys!