Here are the PDFs that you can download for specific products:


Taurus 200GX Extended Roof Setup Instruction [PDF]

Taurus450 assembly instruction [PDF]

Comerade 650 User Manual [PDF]

Cheetah 150 Setup Instruction [PDF]

Challenger 300X-4 Setup Instruction [PDF]

Cheetah 8 Setup Instruction [PDF]

Taurus 200 set up manual [PDF]

Challenger 150UTV-X setup instruction [PDF]

Cheetah 150&200 Owner Operater Manual [PDF]

Go Karts:

Blazer 200R Plastic Parts Installation [PDF]

New Mid XRS Setup Instruction [PDF]

Shifting gear adjustment 150cc or 300cc[PDF]

300_XRS-E setup Instruction [PDF]

Mid_XRX and XRX-R Setup Instruction [PDF]

Blazer4 150 or 200 Setup Instruction [PDF]

Blazer4 150 or 200X Setup Instruction [PDF]

Mid_XRX and XRX-R Setup Instruction [PDF]

Blazer4-150x-2018-setup [PDF]

150 XRX set up instruction [PDF]

150 Go kart Owners Manual [PDF]

MINI XRS Owners Manual [PDF]

Mini Jeep User Manual


Mini Bike with Belt Setup Instruction [PDF]

PONY 50 Owner's Manual [PDF]

Sorrento User Manual [PDF]

PMZ50-19,50-20,150-19,150-20 [PDF]

 Mini Bike :

Trailmaster MINI Bike MB200-2 [PDF]

Mini Bike user manual [PDF]

Dirt Bike :

Dirt Bike Assembly-1

Dirt Bike Assembly-2

Apollo 110cc 125cc Manual

TM38EX Assembling

TM33 Assembling

TM23 Assembling Video

TM15 Assembling

TM C60 Assembling Video

TM C50 Assembling Video


ATV install process [PDF]

ATV-3125XR8-XR8-S-XR8-U-XR8-Manual [PDF]


Brake Troubleshooting_Hydraulic Brakes


MINI engine off trouble shooting

MINI,MID engine off trouble shooting