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When looking for a UTV or Side by Side for sale, it can be tempting to go with whatever is the cheapest. However, because of the wide range of features, add-ons, and specs for these vehicles, it’s impossible to choose UTVs on best price alone. You must also consider other requirements before making your choice. Before selecting a UTV from our wide catalogue, ask yourself the following questions: How many people will regularly ride on? UTVs come in 2-4 seaters, either with or without dump beds. Those looking to haul more gear and less people, for example, may want to opt for a two-seater with a dump bed. What sort of landscape will you ride on? If your compound is hilly, you should make sure the UTV you pick can handle it. Look for vehicles with enough horsepower to get up a hill while still towing people or supplies. What sort of charging is available? Do you have access to electric vehicle charging? If not, look for a fuel powered UTV.